Snoring Almost Ruined My Marriage

(but this saved it)


Are You Frustrated and Feeling Hopeless Because...

  • There's no cure for snoring
  • Snoring is ruining your sleep
  • Snoring is hurting your relationship

Every night you dread going to sleep because you know the snoring will keep you awake. It's there waiting for you no matter how many tricks and hacks you try.

You're exhausted and fed up with your partner's snoring. He sleeps soundly while you toss and turn.
Anything you've tried to cure the snoring has failed and you sleep in the spare room or on the couch more often than in your own bed with the person you love. 
It's frustrating and it's not fair.

How Much More Can Your Relationship Take?


Sleeping in separate rooms has made you feel more like roommates than romantic partners. There has to be a better way!


Special pillows, mouth guards, nose strips, and sewing a tennis ball into the back of pajamas hasn't worked yet but there doesn't seem to be any alternative.
You're exhausted and frustrated because you're trying to solve a problem that has no cure. It's impossible to stop snoring but you're at a loss. 
The same thing happened to me. I met the love of my life and we had big plans for our future but then I discovered his wall-shaking snoring and it devastated our relationship. Things felt hopeless and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Then, I discovered it didn't have to be that way. 

I stopped trying to fix his snoring....

It took me five years of trial and error, research and practice to get to where I am now. After all that time sleeping in the spare room, doing the walk of shame each morning back to our bedroom, and feeling more like roommates than romantic partners.

No one should have to suffer like that because their partner snores.
I wasted so many years trying to "fix" the snoring, when all along I WAS THE PROBLEM!

Here's My Story

If you're anything like the women I've talked to, your story will probably have different twists and turns, but it's always the same guilt and hurt because of how deeply snoring affects a relationship. 

Like many, I turned to the internet when the snoring got so bad I couldn't even be in the same room. I tried to get him to change how he slept, what he ate, and the timing of who went to sleep first.

Sometimes I'd get relief for a night but like clockwork, the snoring was waiting the next day. None of the "tricks" or gadgets worked at all and were a huge waste of money.
Then I thought..."If there's no cure for snoring, maybe I need to learn how to SLEEP THROUGH IT!"

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Slept Soundly Every Night Without Any Resentment Towards Your Partner?

Imagine a day when you wake up well-rested and roll over to see your partner smiling at you. You share a few kisses before hopping out of bed, ready to start your day. You happily make breakfast for your beloved and pour a big cup of coffee to go with it and when he makes his way into the kitchen, he tells you how grateful he is that you thought of him.

These gestures of kindness and love go back and forth all day. Cute texts to show he misses you, an offer from you to make reservations at your fave restaurant. It's like you're dating again!  
But what's changed? How is it possible that you feel like a teenager in love instead of a stressed and exhausted adult?
You learned how to sleep next to the snoring. 
No more resentful walk down the hall to the lumpy spare bed. No need to always be sound asleep before he can even climb into bed. And absolutely no more feeling like a roommate instead of a lover. 
When you think about the kind of relationship you desperately want...full of intimate connection, silly inside jokes, and a partner who's got your back no matter what...sleeping separately is not part of that dream. 
Your dream relationship is easier to achieve than you might think. Getting rid of the snoring isn't the answer but sleeping so well you don't even notice the snoring IS. Don't waste anymore time or money on "fixing" the snoring. 

The solution you're looking for is right here.


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Hi, I'm Lindsay!

After years of sleep deprivation and frustration around not being able to fix my husband's snoring, I opted for a new approach. 

What if I could teach myself to just sleep through the snoring so I didn't lie awake all night (or exile myself to the spare room)? Since there's no cure for snoring anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt to try something new. 
And guess what? It worked! Not instantly and consistently at first, but after I'd refined the process and approach everything clicked. I tested and re-tested, and finally developed the Sleep Soundly Framework.
Now I get to sleep soundly next to my awesome husband even while he's snoring. And it's had a huge positive impact on our relationship. What a relief!

Join Us for the Sleep Through Snoring Program

The only program that helps people sleep next to their snoring partners without needing to eliminate the snoring. 

Enrollment is now open!


Key benefits from this program:

Your energy will skyrocket, focus will be sharp, and you'll have endless concentration ability.
All because you're actually sleeping.
Your relationship with your partner will become light and playful again. You'll tackle things as a team and have the patience to work through any difficult situation together
All because you're actually sleeping...together.
The Sleep Through Snoring program is at video series designed to quickly get you sleeping back in bed with your snorer in as little as one weekend!
It's straightforward framework and easy to implement tactics will have you wishing you'd found it years ago. 



Here's What's Included Today:

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Sleep Soundly Checklist

Let's keep things simple! This checklist gives you a quick reminder of the best ways to support great sleep. Give them a try yourself and then pass them along to your friends and family.

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Sleep Through Snoring Videos

We know that time is precious and you'll make the most of it with these easy to digest training videos.
Binge watch in one sitting or tune in whenever you've got some time. It's designed to work around your busy life, not turn it upside down.
($997 value)
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Program Worksheets

Track your progress at a glance so you can see how things are improving. These contain useful strategies for handling difficult days and situations where you're most likely to have a hard time sleeping. 

Hang on...we've got some bonuses for you!!

Your Sleep Through Snoring Package Also Includes:

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Weekly Group Coaching Call

Get answers to your specific questions every week. Send topics ahead of time or join us live. Hear how others are working through the program and feel prepared to work through any sleep challenge.

($197 value)
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An Emergency 1 to 1 Call


If at any time over the first THREE months after you join the program you need 1 to 1 support to help you sleep next to your snorer, just let us know. You'll get a private video coaching call to help with whatever issue you're facing. 

($497 value)
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Sleep Prep Schedule

A plug and play schedule of the most important actions you need to take to sleep soundly. Laid out in an easy to implement list.

($97 value)

Over $1700 in Value 

For Only $197

Say Goodbye to the Spare Room

For less than the price of a fancy dinner out you'll transform your sleep and your relationship.

Sign Up Now

Did I Mention the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee?

Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us. 

We're so confident this program will be the solution to your snoring problem that we're giving you a full month to test it all out. 
If you've completed all the work and aren't happy with the results, we'll promptly and courteously refund your purchase.
The last thing you need is another expense for a gadget, or magic potion that promises to cure snoring. The Sleep Through Snoring program is completely different from anything you've probably tried before. And that's a good thing. 
Our mission is to help as many people as possible be free from the shackles of snoring. We hope this guarantee helps. 
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