Learning Sleep Skills vs. The Shortcuts

control shortcut sleep snoring May 04, 2020

Things move at lightning speed these days. That's nothing new. But believing that a lightning speed tip or trick will solve your problems, is a huge mistake I see over and over.

If you needed some help fixing your electrical wiring at home, watching a few YouTube videos will probably get you shocked faster than it'll teach you to do the work properly. You need to actually learn a bit to make progress.

It's the same for sleep.

Buy some nose strips for your snoring partner and you may get a night of silence. But that product was not designed for your partner, taking into account their specific physiology. How can a one-size-fits-all device be expected to solve everyone's snoring problem when there's no known cause that explains why snoring happens in the first place?

This baffled me for years.

A friend of mine bought her boyfriend a jaw sling...yes, a sling that goes around his chin and is fastened behind the head to hold his jaw in place at night. Since apparently, what "causes snoring" is an open mouth. Well, it wasn't even a full night before that thing was thrown in the trash because, guess what? Snoring might be heard more when a mouth is open but a closed mouth does not eliminate snoring! What a waste of money for her!

My husband actually bought a mouth guard in his early attempts to stop snoring. But come on! Snoring has nothing to do with your teeth, so why are they being guarded? Unless it's to protect the snorer from the frustrated punches of their partner (kidding...kind of).

My point here is, we love a good hack.

Yes, myself included.

If I can find a quick way to solve a problem, you better believe I'd take that approach over something that'll take me more time. But the kicker is...the hack actually has to SOLVE THE PROBLEM! If it doesn't, you're no further ahead and probably have even taken steps backwards in wasted time, money, and effort. Not to mention the added stress and exhaustion you're left with.

Here's a fun example of a time when I was hell-bent on taking a short cut and how frustratingly unsuccessful it was.

Back in high school I really didn't like math but it was a requirement I needed, so I tried my hardest to do as little as possible, while still keeping decent grades. But of course, instead of taking the hour or two to learn a particular equation I kept looking for a workaround to get the answer without needing to go through the proper steps. Finally, after everyone else had learned the damn equation and was starting to move onto the next thing, I realized I had to go back and start over. Otherwise I couldn't progress any further without always only having a partial understanding of what the hell I was doing. And since homework doesn't stop for anyone, I now had twice the work to do just to stay afloat. Ugh!

Lesson learned.

What a waste of time. Trying to find an easy way out is the laziest approach to take unless it'll achieve the same or better result than going through the learning process.

And hey, no one says you need to master the skill. But you definitely need some kind of base understanding to get you going. 

So with that in mind, what if I told you that learning to sleep actually takes LESS time than finding a quick fix? And yes, I'm serious here.

Learning to sleep means you take back 100% ownership and control over your sleep, so you're never dependent on some trick or hack to solve the problem.

Learning to sleep is a skill that gets better and better, and is adaptable to YOUR specific circumstances. How many sleep gadgets can do that?

Hint: zero.

We've been way too hard on ourselves by thinking someone or something else was the only way to solve our sleep issues. If you're tired of waiting for your partner to stop snoring, maybe it's time to start from scratch and learn to sleep the right way.


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