How the Law of Attraction Will Bring You Sleep

Today's post is a little different than our regular posts. We searched high and low for someone who could help us understand "non-traditional" ways of bringing great sleep into our world.

Well, ask and you shall receive.

We teamed up with Ramona Galey, Vibrational Mentor and Transformation Coach to give you the scoop on how to incorporate better sleep by using the Law of Attraction.

Ramona was recently featured in a book by Rhonda Ryder called Delicious Alignment: How 25 Women Learned to Love Their Bodies Using Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. In addition to one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, Ramona now focuses on helping other women shed weight and get great results using her proven system. And guess what? Her philosophy is "transform your body, love the process"! What a great approach. You can learn more about Ramona and grab her FREE checklist here.

Ok, on to the interview.

Q: What exactly is the law of attraction? 

It's the main law of the universe. It's similar to the law of gravity (which is a law of the planet Earth), in that it is in effect whether we are specifically aware of it or not, and no matter what we call it. The law basically says "like attracts like." And it's even more about how we feel than it is about what particular words we are thinking or saying.

So when we are thinking about - focusing on - something lovingly, and we are appreciating it, more things like that come to us automatically. Conversely, when we are trying really hard to get something, and part of us believes it's not possible to get it, we are actually focusing on the lack of that thing, and we get more lack. And when we really don't like something, and we yell "no" at it, and we resist it, we are giving it energy and it grows larger. 

And I know your audience knows about this part, Lindsay, because anyone who has ever had trouble sleeping knows, the more you fret about not being able to fall asleep, and the harder you "try" to fall asleep, the less likely you are to actually fall asleep! You actually push sleep away by focusing on the lack of sleep.

Q: Is anything off limits with the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction controls everything in your experience. It affects everything and everyone equally and fairly. It matches up perpetrators and victims perfectly, because they are both focused on lack. It matches up people with similar trust levels, similar self-esteem levels, etc., even if those issues manifest in our lives in ways that look very different. For example, a wealthy man who naturally attracts money, but has severe trust issues about women, might naturally attract a woman who doesn't feel good about herself no matter how beautiful and smart she is, and who thinks that money - and especially spending it on herself - will help her feel better. 

Q: Ok, let's get to the good stuff. If someone has challenges with their sleep, how can they use the law of attraction to get the rest they so desperately need?

When we are in sync with the law of attraction, we understand that whatever we are focusing on is what will manifest for us. So if I am focused on the fact that I'm having trouble sleeping, I will continue to have trouble sleeping. When I focus on anything that feels better, such as how soft my pillow is and how beautiful my bedroom is, or remembering what a lovely walk I had this morning, then I am relaxing into my natural place of wellness, and therefore much more likely to fall asleep. 

Q: What does law of attraction say about trying to change someone else? For example, a snoring partner!

Well, it's the same principle, regardless of the condition. Let's say that we are focusing on our partner or his noises in a way that doesn't feel good. For example, maybe we are thinking thoughts like "I wish he would stop that." or "If he really loved me, he would try harder to stop snoring." In this case, we are focusing on something we cannot control, with a negativity that takes us away from our natural wellness. We would continue to manifest unwanted results. Like not sleeping, and getting angrier and angrier.

On the other hand, we can take responsibility for our own focus, and decide to do something that's in our own control.  Changing our physical conditions to something more pleasing (sleeping in another room, playing white noise, wearing earplugs, etc), is one option, but it doesn't actually express the freedom we inherently know we have, so it's not a satisfying solution. 

When we purposefully focus on pleasing thoughts, intentionally choosing thoughts that are more pleasing, we achieve true peace of mind, loving feelings, and the freedom we were born to have. 

For example, "he is so sweet, and he works so hard, and I'm so glad to see him resting so deeply. The sounds he makes remind me of a cat purring, or a romantic thunderstorm, or that kettle drum part that I love in the Peter and the Wolf. The feeling of love that wells up inside me thinking about these things feels really good, and I can feel my entire body relaxing as I think about them." 

Q: What is the coolest example you've come across of someone attracting something into their life?

Gosh, extraordinary examples are everywhere! My life partner, every house I ever bought, every new job I got, these are some of my examples. I bet all of your readers have examples of this in their lives. Everyone knows, as soon as you stop "looking" for a partner (in other words, focusing on your lack of a partner), the right one shows up, right? That's law of attraction.  When a couple is trying to get pregnant, and trying, and trying. And then they finally give up and start looking at adoption. That's frequently when they get pregnant! That's law of attraction. When you're thinking fondly about an old friend, wondering how they're doing, and the next thing you know you've run into them on the street, or they phone you up. That's law of attraction. We frequently call these things coincidences, lucky breaks, waking up on the right side of the bed.

Q: You're an expert in law of attraction but you also have an extraordinary ability to channel a non-physical Infinite Intelligence, named Opra. Has Opra ever provided insight about sleep?

Yes, Opra has encouraged clients to understand that, frequently, we think we need more sleep than we actually do. And that when we are focusing on tomorrow, and how tired we're going to be tomorrow if we don't get to sleep tonight, and everything that has to be done tomorrow, we are not actually focusing right here right now. So we are encouraged to bring our focus back to what we can actually control, and to appreciate what we have right now. "I had a good day today, and I'm feeling well loved. I got a lot done today, and that feels really satisfying. I so appreciate that I have a roof over my head, and plenty to eat, and good friends and family who love me. I love how my pillowcase feels on my cheek, and how delicious my mattress feels under me. I love feeling my lungs working, breathing in and out, in such a delicious and relaxing way. I love knowing that my body is resting right now whether I am sleeping or not. I love taking this time for myself, this very special time, when I can daydream about all of the wonderful things that are coming my way soon. I love knowing that all is well, and as I focus on the fact that all is well, I can feel my body relaxing even more."

Lindsay, when I'm in bed, and I can feel my inner being, Opra, speaking to me like this, I fall right asleep! ðŸ™‚💖 


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