Accountability Partners For The Win

Pair up! It's time to leverage the power of a "master mind" to help you sleep.

While we may (still) be in isolation and it's like the wild west when it comes to productive daily routines, one thing remains the same. We still gotta get some sleep! And now that we're more connected virtually than ever before, there's no reason why we can't still get by with a  little help from our friends.

There's a belief that when two people come together to share thoughts and ideas, that a third "master mind" is created.

This is the basis for mastermind groups everywhere that have popped up to solve issues from literally every facet of life. Business, relationships, health, research, technology. You name it, there's probably a mastermind group somewhere that you can join to put your mind together with others for the sake of finding innovative solutions.

This approach works for a few reasons:

1: It encourages accountability

2: Bouncing ideas off others creates a wacky combo of perspectives you may have never ever considered before. And it can help you see things in a new light

3: Anytime you're actively engaged and willing to improve, you're going to see progress

Having one or more people to support you through your journey greatly increases the likelihood that you'll take the necessary steps, implement the new behaviour, and stick with it for the long haul.

Hey, it works for weight loss, money management, and New Year's resolutions. Why not for sleep too.

If your sleep is suffering while you're stuck at home in isolation, it can feel daunting to imagine a scenario where you're getting all the rest you need. But having someone to check in with provides not only the tactical reminders to do what you need to do but also gives you a great deal of emotional support. Even if the other person is more "tough love" than mush ball. Just having someone in your corner who knows what you need will make the weight on your shoulders a little lighter.

So why not give it a try.

Here are some tips to create a helpful accountability relationship (or mastermind) to improve your sleep:

Pick someone whose style you like. I don't mean fashion style. I'm talking about the way they communicate with you, how they hold themselves, and generally how they make you feel when you spend time with them. This is probably the most important consideration, since you want to look forward to chatting with them and checking in frequently. If the thought of getting on a call with this person makes you cringe, it's not the right fit.

Your challenges don't have to be their challenges. If you want to improve your sleep and your buddy is on a mission to lose weight, that's actually still a good match. When you and your buddy both have the same challenges, there's a tendency to fall into a pattern of commiserating instead of pushing forward with progress. Having a bit of separation between what you each want to achieve can get your minds thinking more creatively, since you're looking for solutions for their challenge, and vice versa. This is why coaching is so effective.

Decide on a check in schedule right away. Knowing how often you'll give and receive support will go a long way. Imagine being in school and not knowing how often your teacher will show up. That would be really unsettling! But when you're confident they'll be there each day, it's much easier to feel reassured that you can ask questions and get help the very next day.

Be clear on your starting point and the desired end result. There's nothing harder than trying to support someone without actually knowing where they want to be. Imagine helping your friend get a business set up online, only to find out she really wants a brick and mortar store. Two totally different trajectories. Get clear up front so you're on the same page. Part and parcel of this also entails deciding how long the arrangement will last. Whether it's a 30-day challenge where you'll each commit to daily accountability or a year long venture with a weekly call, figure it out now.

And finally, commit to confidentiality. One reason people are willing to pay for personal coaching is the assurance that their stuff won't be shared. And a big part of helping someone make meaningful changes in their life is working through baggage and sticking points. Trust me when I say these aren't things you'd want your gal pal sharing with her family over taco Tuesday dinner. An accountability partnership is based on trust and mutual respect for the journey needed to get from point A to point B. You must be willing to hold someone's else's truth in your vault.

There you have it. Support from a trusted friend or advisor doesn't need to stop just because we're in isolation right now. The guidelines provided above should give you a great framework for choosing someone who can help you stay (or get) on track and moving in a positive direction.

Just a reminder, if you can't find a buddy to help you sleep through your partner's snoring, know that I'm available and up for the challenge! The Sleep Through Snoring program gives you all the tools you need, PLUS the live coaching support to help break through barriers, and change your sleep forever.


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