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why we care so much about your sleep

Adults need to sleep!

Artful Sleep exists for one reason: to help women sleep soundly beside their snoring partner. If yours is a snorer and you're tired of being exhausted and annoyed, we'll show you how to seep through it.

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

For most of my grown up life I struggled to fall asleep at night. During the day it was go, go, go and even though my body was tired in the evenings, my mind was WIDE AWAKE and wanted to think about every scenario imaginable for every life issue I was facing. I'd eventually get to sleep but definitely wasn't getting the rest and recovery I needed to feel sharp and alert during the day.

Then I met my Husband. And no, he didn't  fix my sleep woes...he made them worse! The first time I heard his snoring I cried.

How would I ever be able to sleep next to that??

To give you a taste of what it was like, I'd often find myself in another room with headphones on (music playing loudly) and could still hear him. It felt hopeless. We tried so many things to stop the snoring but like clockwork, it was waiting for me every night.

This made my days at the office brutal, with stinging eyes, a foggy mind and never feeling like I was on my game. It was so frustrating!

I never did cure my Husband's snoring. But I did go on an incredible sleep journey, determined to claim the Z's I was rightfully entitled to.

Picture an exhausted little traveler, setting out with nothing but the clothes on her back, bags under her eyes, and a small sign that reads "will work for sleep". That's how it felt. Diving into research, data, ancient theory, new world fixes, and pretty much everything in between, I finally found my sleep.

This is why I started Artful Sleep.

Each of us is as unique as our fingerprints, and our lives may look very different as we go from childhood, to adolescence, adulthood, and into our senior years.

But the ONE thing we have in common throughout our lives is the need to sleep.

If you have a snoring partner interfering with the quality of your sleep, you're in the right place.

Want to be an amazing partner, parent, community leader, professional, and all around awesome person? 

You need sleep to do it all.

If you're struggling to get the very thing your body needs EVERY DAY, I invite you to check out the training, tools and resources on this site. And if there's anything you don't see that might be helpful, please let me know!

Sweet dreams,


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